Tuesday, 8 April 2014


There are many different reasons why bands come to be, and even stronger ones as to why they continue.
HowlinBlues came into being when Dave(Howlin`)Dowling, a slide guitarist, harmonica player, singer and songwriter met up with Mike Smith - a talented lead guitarist and singer, both of whom live in East Sussex. 
Further they teamed up with bass player Stewart Grimes, whose compelling grooves and solid playing style provided a perfect complement to theirs.

A love of blues was a common thread for all, and this was shared also by James Asher - an energetic drummer, who had recently moved down from London and was looking for new musical outlets, migrating from a life in the studio to more live music. 

The musical chemistry between the four players was immediately apparent, and this has grown over time and even beyond blues, not surprisingly a strong point within HowlinBlues..!

The emphasis as a band is on entertainment, and their repertoire includes a broad range of songs, as well as original ones penned by Dave Dowling, whose witty commentaries add spice to the fun of their live gigs.

Then in 2010 they had the good fortune to be joined by Denise Roberts - an extraordinary vocalist, the emotional intensity of whose singing continuously stuns and delights audiences.

There is a zest, animated spontaneity and fire to the band`s performances which not only testify to the remarkable synergy they achieve, but also to their collective driving force - a passion for music which keeps their performances electric, vital and freshly regenerating.